Anonymous asked:
have you changed your number??x

-.- i know its you shenka :L yeah check your emails my contract got cut off see xxx

Anonymous asked:
are you alive dude??

yeah :) just don’t really use tumblr anymore x

Anonymous asked:
Hello, how are you? Congratulations on the baby btw. I hope everything is going swell for you. (:

Meh haha got finished then she got back with her ex before me for like a week then asking his mate for a shag and now she’s back with the babies father who pushed her about and took advantage of her and she won’t let me see the baby or anything she’s completely blocked me so yeah got fucked about big time :/ always happens x

Life is perfect right now!

Anonymous asked:
right, this boy said he liked me, and i started falling for him, and i found out he was telling my bestfriend he liked her behind my back, and i dont think he ever liked me, when i told him i knew, he said he was sorry, and he always had feelings for me, 'bullshit', he said he still likes me know, what do i do??!!

Don’t talk to him or anything:) make him realise what he lost or what he could of had idk find someone better who won’t make you their second choice no boy should do that :)

Can’t wait to be a dad c:

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